HTTP2 Test

Our free HTTP2 test allows your to validate immediately if your server is ready for HTTP2. If the test detects it is not we will show you in our tutorials how to get your site ready for HTTP2. In order to test if your site is ready for HTTP2 just enter the URL above. Our test tool will show you which version of the HTTP protocol your server is using.

Why should you enable HTTP2 on your web server?

If you haven’t already converted your web server to support HTTP2, it’s about time to get this process done. Enabling support for HTTP2 on your website and webserver is a very easy process. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and cause almost no down-time.

There are multiple benefits. One of the many is the decreased load you’ll experience on your web server. The HTTP 1.1 protocol requires that a separate connection should be made for each request a client makes to a web server. Each resource is considered a different request. That means that each time a client PC attached to your web server request an image, a font file, a new web page, etc.. a new TCP connection needs to be made between that client and the web server. That TCP connection is costly. Each TCP connection requires a 4-way trip to properly establish the handshake between both PCs. Imagine doing this thousands of times per client.

HTTP2 works differently. HTTP2 allows a single connection to be made between the client PC and your webserver. All information that the client requests can be sent over this single connection. Likewise, your web server could possibly anticipate what resources will be needed by the client and send them ahead of time. This will significantly improve the user experience of your site. Maybe your site is already up-to-date and no further action is required.