HTTP/2 online Test

How to test online if your Site is ready for HTTP/2

You might be asking yourself, “Is my website HTTP2 ready?” It’s a good question to ask, and it’s easy to answer. We have a free tool that can quickly tell you if your website is HTTP2 ready, and if it isn’t, we will provide you with useful tips and information to make it HTTP2 compliant.

It’s important that your website is HTTP2 ready. The HTTP2 spec offers a ton of new features and benefits that you should be taking advantage of. For instance, HTTP2 is capable of serving web pages much faster than the traditional HTTP 1.1 spec. It’s well known that you only have a few seconds to hook your audience, or they are going to go somewhere else. HTTP2 can get your website in front of readers much faster.

HTTP2 can also assemble websites much more fluidly. Most of our traffic comes from mobile devices today. Yet, we still have issues generating webpages properly. It’s not uncommon to hear complaints about webpages jumping on someone while they are trying to read its contents because things like ads or images are still loading. The HTTP2 spec lets we servers send information with the initial page request that is known by the web server to be needed later on. The client saves this information into the cache until its needed, but the information is there, readily accessible. This really lowers the frustration level from our readers.

So, here’s how it works. Simply copy and paste your website link into our online test. Submit that link. We will then analyze your website for HTTP 2 compliance, checking multiple points of data, and make sure everything works.

After we analyze your website, if we find any issues, we will give you a multi-point list with tips of how you can improve your website. Our tip list is easy to follow and makes sense. We look for specific pieces of information, so it’s very easy to give you quality feedback.

If your results show that you have a specific issue, we have plenty of guides on our website that help you resolve that problem. Our articles take a close look at common issues, giving very informative explanations of those issues, and show you how to fix them. We also have tons of information explaining all other things HTTP 2 as well, so check it out either way.